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Is Your Child Responsible Enough For A Hoverboard?

Your child may be asking continually for a hoverboard. They want to have one for fun and excitement. Maybe they have friends that have them and they really want to be part of that fun activity. Yet you have your reservations due to your child's age, maturity level, and anything that could cause them any harm. Of course you worry about how they will prioritize their time once they get one two.

Only you can decide as a parent when your child is old enough and responsible enough for a hoverboard. Some parents base it on age and others do so based on maturity. If your child is doing what they should at home, in the community, and at school, you may decide you would love to give them this item because they have earned it. If they get into trouble often, they test boundaries, and they quickly get bored with new items, it may not be such a good idea.

Listen when your child is asking for a hoverboard and then ask questions. Why do they want one? How will they be responsible with it? If they have had some issues that have you on the fence, bring them up. Perhaps they don't keep up their chores or they continually don't turn in their math homework.

You may be able to entice them to do better in these areas and then you can negotiate the terms for getting a hoverboard. For example, if they do the things you ask for the next weeks you will talk about it again. That is enough time for it to become a habit in terms of behavior for your child. Once it is part of their routine, they are more likely to stick with it for the long term.

If they fail to follow through, then not getting a hoverboard is a consequence. You didn't say no to them, you gave them an opportunity. They choose not to follow through with it so that is on them. You don't have to feel guilty about the decision they simply aren't responsible enough for a hoverboard at this point in time.

If they do get one, make sure they realize the value of it and what it means. You have decided they are responsible enough to take care of it. Discuss where they will store it when not in use to reduce the risk of damages or it getting stolen. Discuss the fact that you expect them to wear safety gear and to use the hoverboard responsibly or it will be taken away from them.

If they start to lapse on their responsibilities due to this new device, it needs to be put away. You may decide you would like to put time limits on the use of it too. For example, they can use the hoverboard for up to one hour on school nights. However, they can only use it after homework and chores have been completed. Get RethinkHoverboard.com from rh. You have read, Is Your Child Responsible Enough For A Hoverboard?.
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