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Oregon Drug And Alcohol Rehabs

It can be difficult when someone you care about is in a Oregon drug and alcohol rehab program. Being able to communicate with them and show support can be important. However, you need to make sure you adhere to the policies and procedures of the facility.

Time to communicate within Oregon Drug Rehabs

You may not be able to have any communication with the individual at first at drug rehabs. This is mainly during the detox part of the program. It may take a few weeks for them to be in a frame of mind where they can start to have correspondence. Don't be frustrated by that, such rules are in place for a reason.

Letters from Oregon Drug Rehab

The most common form of communication with someone in a Oregon drug and alcohol rehab program is through letters. Keep in mind that they will be opened and read when they come in. Anything that can be deemed as upsetting to the patient may be destroyed rather than given to them for a drug rehab. The envelopes will also be carefully examined for traces of contraband.

There will be regular mail days when they can send letters back to you. Most of the facilities offer pens, paper, envelopes, and stamps. However, they may limit who they can write to a drug rehab. The goal is to prevent correspondence with those that could enable the patient to make bad choices upon release or even encourage them to leave the program early. Phone Calls from Oregon Drug Rehabs to outside of the facility.

There are very few Oregon drug and alcohol rehab programs that allow patients to have their cell phones with them. Most do have pay phones though and hours when calls can be made. They are often limited to 10 or 15 minutes though to ensure everyone gets a chance to use the phones. The patient will either need to call collect or have a prepaid phone card to use.


Some of the facilities do have internet access and allow patients to correspond via email. However, most of them don't like to allow this type of socialization. It is too each for individual to get information that can be upsetting or triggering through emails or through social media sites.


If the Oregon drug and alcohol rehab facility is close, you may be able to come for visits. This will be on specific days and for a specific window of time. Visitors usually have to show ID and be pre-approved. They are also subject to pat downs to ensure contraband isn't entering the facility.

Earning Privileges

Incentives and privileges are a key way to help patients overcome barriers and to face challenges. They may earn the right to correspond with friends and family in the Oregon drug and alcohol rehab center. Those privileges may be revoked at any time if they aren't following the rules and policies.


Any correspondence that takes place with someone in such a facility needs to be encouraging and positive. The patients will be able to gain support and feel that they are loved from such communications. It helps them to stay focused and to continue to reach for the goals they have in place.

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